The Catalina Foothills High School FFO Grants Program presents an opportunity for teachers and parents to work together to benefit the entire Catalina Foothills High School community. By using funds raised through various efforts of the FFO, we can expand CFHS’ ability to meet specific educational needs of our children by paying for unique materials and programs to enhance their education.

Grant Request Process

We have four steps in the process:

  1. Teachers, or staff submit a grant request online

  2. An initial review by the Grants Chair & Principal: You may be contacted to clarify or revise the grant. If appropriate, the request will be added to an FFO Exec Meeting agenda.

  3. FFO Executive Board – Review: The board meets the 2nd Friday of each month and will review and approve/deny the grant being brought before the general FFO members.

  4. FFO General Meeting – Vote: Grants are proposed/discussed at the general meetings, usually the 3rd Tuesday of each month.

After the general meeting, you’ll be notified of the grant request status. If approved – you will be asked to provide order or purchasing info. We can either make a direct payment or reimburse an individual after the purchase has been made.

Please review the criteria and hints, and please feel free to contact me with questions!

– Monisha Patel (email)

2021-2022 Grants Chair

The best grant applications seek funds to meet a critical need that cannot be reached by other funding sources. The FFO reviews each application with questions in mind:

  1. Is the expenditure consistent with and will it help further CFHS’s goal/mission?

  2. Does the spending benefit a critical number of students?

  3. Are other, more appropriate sources of funding available?

Fill out the form in its entirety.

If requesting to purchase an item, please include all the pertinent info, website of the item you are ordering from and if possible alternative sources of the item.

Please consider the monthly deadline – the 5th of each month – when submitting grants.